Sunday, November 30, 2008

"Catch and Release" Published in The Fourth River

My essay, "Catch and Release," was just published in Issue 5 of The Fourth River. The issue's TOC isn't up on the magazine's web site yet (I'll update the link when it is), but my author copies arrived on Saturday. This was my first acceptance and it's a piece I finished up about four years ago, so it's a thrill to see it in print—and a relief to see that the footnotes aren't all in italics the way they were in the page proofs.


Jim Krosschell said...

I knew this was happening, but congratulations officially!

Jim Krosschell

Michelle Pressma said...

I've been waiting, so this is a nice holiday treat. Can't wait to read it. Big hugs.


Michelle said...

Yay, you! Keep going.