Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Kind of Writers!

As I mentioned, there are some really terrific writers in my workshop, and it's a great group of people. My one worry was that my fellow writers would be Deeply Serious and my desire to eat food that is bad for me and find the Fresh Produce store would reveal me to be the self-absorbed philistine and glutton that I am.

"No, no," my fellow writers said. "That's the other writing workshops."

Many of them are already familiar from previous visits with the town where our workshop is held. Thanks to them I now know where to get:
  • excellent fried seafood and fabulous onion rings
  • foot-long hotdogs
  • the best gelato in town
  • heavenly made-to-order pasta dishes
  • a nice salad when one really needs vegetables.
I've also stocked up on pastel oxford shirts and insanely comfortably cotton pants.

Best of all, though, I've made some new writer friends.

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