Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Great Day for the Legendary Cow Skulls1

The January/February issue of The Rambler arrived yesterday:

The Rambler published my first essay. This issue is notable because it includes essays from not one, but two of my writing group colleagues: "An Accounting," by Julie, and "Flight," by Cindy2. Having read both these pieces in draft, I'm absolutely thrilled to see them in print. The Rambler has done its usual excellent job of selecting artwork to accompany each piece. Pick up a copy and see for yourself.

Congratulations, Cindy and Julie!

1 Who are the Legendary Cow Skulls and how did they get that way? The Legendary Cow Skulls are my writing group: Julie, Cindy, Kevin, and Carol. Most of us met six years ago in a Grub Street memoir class taught by Michelle, which course is a story in itself. We have a name because I insisted we have a name3—everyone had book ideas they were working on4 and when you publish your book you have to thank your writing group and it's better, and funnier, if it has a good name. The "cow skulls" part comes from the exterior frieze on the Somerville Public Library. The "legendary" part comes from Michelle. Someday we will all have matching T-shirts that look like this:

2 Why, yes, we do rock...

3 I'm the bossy one.

4 Everyone except me—I'm the sole sprinter in a group full of writing marathoners.

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